Soli publications 2019

  • Halme-Tuomisaari, Miia, Tapaninen-Anna-Maria & Aunela, Hilma. 2019. Where’s the well: DNA evidence, personal narratives and unpredictability in Finnish family reunification. Migration Studies, 7(2), 245-265.

This article analyses the decisions of the Administrative Court of Helsinki and looks at the tensions between, on the one hand, decisions on asylum and, on the other, family reunifications. It is contextualised in the scholarship on biotechnologies and in the flourished ethnography of documents, this article is ultimately about the indeterminacy and superficiality about the ‘law’.

  • Merikoski, Paula. 2019. Hospitality, reciprocity, and power relations in the home accommodation of asylum seekers in Finland. In Contested Hospitalities in a Time of Migration: Religious and Secular Counterspaces in the Nordic Region. Bendixsen, S. & Wyller, T. (eds.). London: Routledge, 113-128.

This book chapter discusses the power relations inherent in hospitality which affect reciprocity and the relationship formed in home accommodation of asylum seekers. It discusses also the different ways in which spatial bounaries at home as well as boundaries of belonging to family are negotiated by the hosts and guests.

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